It is our aim at Cleeve Cats to give your cat the most enjoyable stay…


We will ask you on arrival which cat food your pet prefers and we will ensure that they receive their normal diet. We believe that this helps them to settle in quickly and become used to their new surroundings. We carry a very wide stock of all the standard cat foods and we cover most normal diets. Should your pet have a special diet, please let us know the details and we will endeavour to cater for its needs. If your cat requires a particularly expensive diet or a diet other than cat food, for example: fish, we would ask you to supply the food and we will prepare and serve it. Likewise, prescription diets will need to be provided by the customer and we will ensure that correct quantities are fed each meal time.

Meal times

We feed each cat twice a day but should it be necessary to feed more often, for example if a cat is either very young or old or is unwell, feeding is undertaken as often as is required. All units have fresh water available twenty four hours a day and we monitor the quantities of food consumed by each animal, to ensure that they are receiving the desired amount.


We are very experienced in looking after the health needs of all cats and whilst we cannot accept an animal with a condition that may affect our other guests, we are able to administer medicines if required, including injections. If your cat becomes ill whilst you are away, we will ensure that professional help is provided. Our first port of call will be to contact your own vet. If for any reason we are unable to contact them, we will get in touch with our Cattery Veterinary Practice which is Hale Group. Any fees incurred for treatment of a pre-existing condition will be the owners’ responsibility. Fees incurred as a result of a medical condition arising during boarding, will be covered by our insurance policy without any excess.

General care

Since we are concerned about the welfare of the cats in our care, we do ensure that every animal receives individual attention and contact at every opportunity. In the normal running of the Cattery, we come into contact with each animal several times a day and we use these occasions to speak to them and to stroke them as appropriate to each cat. As we all know, some animals are much more keen on physical contact than others and we tailor our actions to suit the individual.